This is the second part of my travel guide for Montenegro, you can check out the first part here. I wanted to write a separate blog post on the best beaches and beach clubs to visit while in Montenegro. The coast of Montenegro is absolutely beautiful, clear waters and pebble beaches (there are a few sand ones too) it is absolutely divine. The Adriatic Sea is known to be a bit colder, so be prepared for a tad bit of colder water. Anyway let’s not prolong it for too long continue reading for my favorite beaches and beach clubs to visit when vacationing in Montenegro. 

Top beaches

Sveti Stefan Beach- I really liked Sveti Stefan Beach, its opposite of the famous and luxurious island Sveti Stefan (which is closed to the public, unless you are a guest there). The beach is with small pebbles surrounded by pine trees and you have a beautiful view of the island. You can rent sun beds from the beach, but you can also bring your own umbrella and just find a spot. 

Plavi Horizonti Beach- the beach we ended up going the most too. It’s a sandy beach and it’s huge so even during weekends it wasn’t as packed as the other beaches in the area. The water is clear and turquoise, it is absolutely beautiful. From the main beach there are smaller secluded areas by the water surrounded with rocks that you can also stay at, bonus is that they are in the shade, so no need to bring an umbrella. You can rent sun beds from the beach or just bring your own stuff.

Top Beach Clubs

Nikki Beach Montenegro– the world known beach club chain opened it’s newest location in Montenegro last year. It’s located 20 minute drive from Tivat. Besides the beach club there is also a resort that you can stay at. Nikki Beach is known for its day pool parties, great music and amazing ambience. I would suggest checking out their website to see their weekly events, also make sure you book a few days in advance. We went on a Sunday for their brunch and then continued by the pool for the rest of the day. The whole location and venue is amazing and I absolutely loved it. The price for sun beds in the pool area (where the main party is) start at 350EUR in the price you get towels, water and a bottle of champagne.

Buddha Bar Beach Club– located at Porto Montenegro Yacht Club, this opened few weeks before we arrived. Besides the beach club they also have the Buddha Bar restaurant. Buddha-Bar is a bit more relaxed and laid back that Nikki Beach, it has a great pool and view of the port, amazing cocktails and food. The price for a sun bed is 55EUR and in the price you get a towel and a bottle of water.

Bianco Beach Bar– few minutes from Kotor, a beautiful and boho style beach bar. The beach bar is fairly new so  not that many people know it (which makes it less crowded). It has a very scenic view of the Kotor Bay. The price is 30EUR for a set of sun beds (2 sun beds + umbrella), there is a restaurant area as well. You don’t need to make a booking in advance.

Almara Beach Bar- located in Luštica Bay, an upscale beach club. The beach club is quite big, has a bar and a restaurant area as well as sun beds on platform and on the beach. The price of a sun bed is 25EUR and in the price towel and a bottle of water is included. If you want to have sun beds on the beach than book in advance as they are only a few sun beds on the beach itself.