Welcome to my world of wanderlust. My name is Teona and this is my blog. This is a place for all my creative thoughts that I carry on daily.
This is my blog world, created in 2016, with the purpose to create a place where I can express myself through my photos and words.
My blog is the reflection of all my interests, passions and loves, but also my personality.


Its that time of the year where I share with you my annual winter reading list. I have been doing this for the past 6 years, and its one of my favorite blog posts to write.

I like to spend my free time curled up in a corner and reading a book, and I do frequently share book recommendations on my instagram, so if you don’t follow me there make sure to give me a follow to see some more book recommendations.



San Francisco is a must stop when visiting California. For California specifically I say a road trip through the state is the best way, you can check out my California Travel Guide for more details. Located in the northern part of California surrounded by beautiful nature, beaches and the ocean. San Francisco is known for many things such as being the start-up and tech hub of the world, home of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, beautiful nature, eclectic music scene, the best place in the world to eat Asian food after Asia and many more.


365 days flew by [2022 recap]

And just like that 2022 is finished. I remember as a child my father telling me how as one gets older, time passes faster. Back then I didn’t really understand what he means or how can time pass faster for one person and not for other. Since the year has 365 days and each day has 24 hours for everyone, but now I understand.

Time feels like its flying and before you know it current events become memories of the past. This year flew by for me, it was also a very dynamic and fast-paced year for me, which adds to the feeling of lasting not too long.


Looking back through photos from past years, I realized that my “gingerbread house making” tradition has been happening for 9 years…And it’s so wonderful that the past 6 years and gingerbread houses have been documented here on my blog, you can check them out here.

Christmas has been my favorite holiday ever since I was a child and looking back there are so many memories from all the Christmas holidays spent at home with my parents…


There are so many things to see and do in NYC. Something that you should not miss is visiting some of its world famous museums. My advice to everyone that visits NYC is to at least make time to visit one museum.

One of my favorite activities to do in NYC on a weekday is to go to a Museum, in this past year I’ve been to almost all museums in NYC area (missing a few more that I am planning to visit in the next few months).


Going to New England during the fall foliage season had been on my bucket list for so long. And for those of you wondering yes, fall foliage is an actual thing (and word) and a lot of people specifically travel to New England in October to see the leaves change and the colorful sceneries.

We organized a road trip from NYC all the way up to Vermont and back…


Chicago had been on my list of places I want to visit in 2022. When I booked the flights for a weekend in Chicago I was really excited.  Chicago is known for its horrible winter weather, so a weekend in late September/early October seemed like the perfect timing to visit Chicago.


It’s been too long since I’ve shared beauty related content on my blog. I tend to share more skincare/beauty content on my instagram. But I do love from time to time to dive in-depth and talk about products I use and why I love them. You probably know about my skincare obsession..it started back when I was at university in London and it hasn’t stopped.


This 52 acre botanical heaven is located in the heart of Brooklyn near Prospect park and the Brooklyn Museum. The Brooklyn Botanic garden is home to more than 14,000 taxa of plants. The gardens opened in 1911 and were under the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences together with the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Children Museum and Brooklyn Institute of Music. When the garden opened it was only the Native Flora Garden (which still exists today). However, in 1912 Harold Caparn was appointed as the landscape archited, Caparn in the next 30 years designed the Brooklyn Botani Gardens as we know today.