The highly requested travel guide for Montenegro is here. This year I decided to take a long 3 week vacation to the coast of Montenegro. Although it’s a country close to Macedonia, this year in May when I did a road trip to the Balkans (that you can read about here) was the first time I ever visited Montenegro. I only stayed for a day and decided do come back this summer and explore the coast of Montenegro.

Mid June I traveled to Montenegro and ended up staying for 3 weeks and overall had a great time. The Montenegrin coast is filled with coastal towns and cities, beaches, natural beauty and so much more. Most of the summer destinations of Montenegro are along the coast within close proximity so it’s easy to see everything even if you are there for a few days.

In this post I am sharing the top places that I think are worth visiting while in Montenegro as well as some general information regarding Montenegro which you might fing useful if you are planning a trip to Montenegro.


Getting to and around Montenegro:

You have multiple options to get there. Plane is one option, there are 3 airports you can fly to: Tivat and Podgorica which are in Montenegro and Dubrovnik in Croatia.

The second option is driving to Montenegro, unfortunately Montenegro does not have good roads or highways, so driving is a bit bumpy. Lots of curves, driving through mountains, traffic and single lane roads. 

Third option is stopping with a cruise, during summer months there are a lot of cruise ships that make a stop in Kotor, so you can enjoy a day i Kotor or wander to a nearby town.

As for getting around Montenegro the best way is by car even though the roads are not good and Montenegro people drive like crazy. The public transport is not that reliable and it is not well connected. As I said going with a car or renting one there is the best option and the only way to make the most out of your trip.

Best time to visit:

Peak season is July and August. If you want a more relaxed vibe visit late May- early June or September.

Where to stay:

Any of the coastal cities/towns is a good option. If you want to be closer to the beaches then book accommodation/hotel in Herzeg Novi, Tivat, Luštica Bay, Budva or Sveti Stefan area. If you are up for partying and a good night life then definitely go for Budva. If you want a calm and quiet vacation go for Perast. And if you don’t mind the tourist craziness stay in Kotor.

Montenegro has a huge variety of accommodations and hotels from super budget friendly hostels and apartments to super luxurious resorts like One & Only Portonovi, Regent Porto Montenegro, Nikki Beach Resort and many more.

Some general information & tips:

  • The currency is euros, in most places cards are accepted but make sure to bring cash with you always.
  • On Sundays stores don’t work even super markets and pharmacies so make sure to do your groceries the day before.
  • There’s wifi almost everywhere, but you can also purchase a pre-paid local sim-card from any store. They have special packages for tourists.
  • Montenegrin people are known for their laziness and how slow they are, so bare with that.


Below Lovčen mountains lies Kotor. A beautiful port town, that represents an UNESCO heritage today. Kotor without a doubt is the most visited place in Montenegro, and with a reason. The old town is truly magical, filled with small and narrow streets, churches, restaurants, local shops and much more.

Kotor Fortress

If you fancy a bit of a hike than don’t miss to hike up to the Kotor Fortress, it only takes 1500 steps to get to the top (so make sure to go early morning or late afternoon, and don’t forget to bring lots of water). But those 1500 are worth it, when you see the Kotor bay from above. Entrance is 8 euros per person, they chrage from 8am-8pm if you go earlier or later than that time you won’t need to purchase a ticket.

Porto Montenegro

Where once used to be the naval facility of Yugoslavia, today it has been transformed into a luxurious port filled with mega yachts, tennis clubs, high end designer stores, 5 star hotels and fine dinning restaurants. It is often referred to as the “new Monaco”. It’s a great place to have a coffee or a drink, but also some great restaurants for lunch and dinner. Sunsets are absolutely magical from the port.


Another popular destinations on the Montenegrin coast. Best known for its nightlife and clubs. But even if you are not a fan of partying Budva has still things to offer. There are multiple beaches in the Budva area, the famous ballerina statue, and Budva Old Town are just a few.

Sveti Stefan

Is probably the most luxurious island in the Adriatic Coast. A frequent destinations for the rich and famous. From Royal family members, Hollywood actors and actresses, athletes and A-list celebrities have vacationed here. The luxurious hotel Aman is located on the island. The island is closed off to the public, and only hotel guests can visit the islanf. However, you can still enjoy the view from afar, or walk on the bridge connecting the coast with island or just spend the day on Sveti Stefan beach which is lovely.

Luštica Bay

A beautiful resort development located in the lagoon Trashte. It has a beautiful harbour, light house and lovely restaurants by the water.


My absolute favorite place on the Montenegro coast. This small town is just a couple of kilometers from Kotor. You park your car on the entrance of the town (since cars are not allowed within the town) and walk toward the old town. The most famous landmark is the small island where the church “Our Lady on the Rocks” is located, you can take a boat from Perast that will take you to the island.

Nikki Beach Montenegro

Last year the beach club chain Nikki beach opened a beach club and resort near Tivat. The resort and beach club are absolutely beautiful and in the boho style of Nikki Beach. Whether you decide to for just for lunch or to attend one of their pool parties you will not regret.

This is just the coastal part of Montenegro, the country has so much else to offer in terms of mountains, national parks, canyons and sights. Hopefully, I will get to visit those too.