Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams

Wanted to visit the Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibition when it was showing for the first time at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. However, it was so popular that I never got the chance to get ahold of tickets. Two years from them Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibition is being displayed at the Brooklyn Museum in New York. So, this time I could not miss it. I booked my tickets online, although you can buy them on the spot. My advice is to purchase them online for the specific date and time you want, just in case there is no availability at the moment, since the capacity is limited due to covid regulations.

The exhibition is magnificent, I absolutely loved it and I was so happy that I got the chance to see it in live. You explore the history of Christian Dior, see some of the designs designed by Christian Dior himself, as well as some iconic pieces like the Bar Suit,


Followed by pieces designed by Yves Saint Laurent who took over as creative director of Dior, after Christian Dior passed away from a heart attack. The iconic dress from the photograph “Dovima with elephants” captured by Cirque d’Hiver can be seen at the exhibition.

Designs from the time John Galliano took over as creative director, you can see the avant-garde and extravagant pieces he created for Dior’s collection. Including the iconic Dior dress that Princess Diana wore to the MET gala in 1996 can be seen in the exhibition.


You have the burst of color from the collections that were designed by Raf Simons. As well as current designs by Maria Grazia Chiuri, who is the current creative director of Dior and the first female creative director of Dior

Learning a bit about Dior fragrances, you can see the first packaging of the Miss Dior fragrance, which is also the first fragrance that Dior launched. The fragrance is a tribute to Christian’s sister Catherine.


Throughout the exhibition you can see sketches, photographs and haute couture pieces that have never been shown in public before, a truly magnificent exhibition.

Some of Dior’s designs that have been worn by celebrities have been displayed such as the black gown Marilyn Monroe wore, the dress Elizabeth Taylor wore to the Academy Awards in 1961, dress Princess Diana wore to the MET gala in 1996, the gown Nicole Kidman wore to the Academy Awards in 1997, the Dior gown Jennifer Lawrence wore at the Academy Awards in 2013, and many more.

Definitely recommend seeing this exhibition if you are visiting NYC, the exhibition will be on display till February 20 2022.

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