The beautiful island of Korčula is one of the must visit places in Croatia. This beautiful island in the Adriatic Coast is very worth visiting, with beautiful pebble beaches, clear waters, vineyards, olive trees and the magnificent Korčula Old Town. 

It is named as Croatia’s greenest island, that has civilization dating back to the 3rd Millenium before Christ, it is believed that Marco Polo’s birth place is in Korčula. Many say that Korčula is a mini Dubrovnik, since the medieval architecture and city walls are present in the old part of the town. Keep reading to find out the must do’s and see’s on the island.

Getting to and around Korčula:

The only way to get to Korčula island is by water, there are various transfer options from the mainland. If you are not traveling with a car you can take a passenger ferry boat from Dubrovnik or Orebič. However, if you are traveling by car you would have to take the car ferry (unless you decide to leave the car on the mainland) from Orebič. During the summer period there is a car ferry every one to two hours, you can check the timetable here. The ferry ride is only 15 minutes from Orebič to Korčula island. Orebič is an hour and a half drive from Dubrovnik, and it’s a very scenic drive. My advice would be to go with a car to Korčula, since the island is pretty big and there is no public transport, even if you are staying in the old town you will need to drive to the beaches across the island

Where to stay:

There are various options where to stay across the island, the old town is one option, I decided to skip it since I couldn’t find accommodation that has parking, and parking in the old town is a nightmare. When browsing around I came across a beautiful house located in the village of Žrno (10min drive from old town). So I booked Old Small Stone House, small stone house dating back from the 14th century. The house was truly beautiful, it had a lovely garden and terrace and the area was extremely quiet and peaceful, it was 10/10.

Must see:

Korčula Old Town- medieval architecture, city walls, narrow streets, churches and superb restaurants. The old town of Korčula is also called a mini Dubrovnik. Sights that you should not miss are: the old city gate, Marco Polo’s birthplace, church Svetog Mihovila and the Sveti Marko Cathedral.

Lumbarda- home of the famous Grk wine (which you must try). Fields of vineyards, but also many beautiful beaches, some of the beaches are sandy which is considered rare for the Adriatic Coast. 

Pupnatska Luka beach- it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. A very quiet pebble beach, the water is crystal clear and it’s surrounded by pine forest, it’s beautiful. The beach has a restaurant and two cafes and had a really chill and relaxed vibe.

Where to eat, must try’s and bar recommendations:

Bar recommendation: Massimo Cocktail Bar *tip: go for sunset*

Restaurants recommendations: Konoba Mijo, ATERINA, Wine & Tapas Bar Lole

Catch of the day is usually the best option if you want fish, I would also recommend to try locally produced hams and cheese and don’t forget to try out Dalmatian wine.