If I can describe my relationship with skincare in one sentence it will be [Tik Tok audio] “People think I’m obsess with this. But I’m okay with it, I am obsessed with it”. My skincare routine has drastically changed in the past 4 years. I went from a person that only washed their face with water to extensive 12 step routine lol. I am lucky to have a naturally clear and normal skin which allows me to be able to try out and experiment with products. And I love trying out new products. Since 2020, everyone can agree, Korean skincare made a huge boom in the skincare world. And people went crazy for it, including me. There are so many amazing Korean skincare brands and products out there, and since then I’ve tried dozens of them. But a Korean brand that I owe the most products in my skincare cabinet is Dr. Jart. Which meant it was time to do a full review of all the products I’ve tried so far.

Let’s get to it!


Ceramidin Cream Mist- the ceramidin line is perfect for dry skin and normal skin in colder months. I love the spray mist, I use it instead of a toner in my current routine. Love that you just spray it and leave it a minute or two to set in, it instantly hydrates the skin. I top it off with serums and moisturizer.

Lip balm:

Ceramidin Lipair-from the same line I have the lip balm, and I love it [I sadly finished it just a few days ago] it hydrates the lips and gives them such a nice shine. 


 Cicapair Serum– very light weight serum, absorbs quickly. It gives decent hydration to the skin and it soothes the skin, I will definitely recommend this serum to people with sensitive and irritated skin.   


Cicapair Re-Cover SPF 40– this was my game changer this year, it’s the perfect alternative to foundation even bb cream. It’s super light weight you can’t feel it. You apply just a tiny bit of it, tap it all over the face it gets rid of darkness, uneven tone and matifies the skin. Absolutely loved it, it also lasts so long because you only use one tiny bit [size of a pea] each time.


Cicapair Sleepair Ampoule-in Mask– this overnight sleeping mask is one of my skincare holy grails. It does overnight magic to the skin. You apply a thin layer before going to bed, in the morning you just wash your skin with water and you have smooth, hydrated and glowy skin.

Cryo Rubber Mask with Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid

Shake and Shot Soothing Mask– a really cool single use mask, that you mix it yourself and shake it well. When applied it dries out like a rubber texture and then you just peel it off. Such a cool and fun mask.

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