Couple of weeks ago I did a review for hair and body care products from LUSH, that you can read here. And as promised, I am sharing with you a review of all the skincare products I’ve tried so far from LUSH.

For those that don’t know, LUSH is an ecologically conscious brnad, cares about the environment and the animals, vegetarian and vegan, does not test on animals, big part of their profits supports international organization in preservation of specific species and/or causes. Not to forget the fact that everything is fresh and handmade.


Angels on Bare Skin– a very gentle cleanser/exfoliator, based on ground almonds and lavender oil to help calm down the skin. It’s also very nourishing and sometimes leaves an oily layer.

Bûche de noël (limited edition)– if you could only smell this, it literally smells like marzipan heaven. Almond and cranberry based, gives the skin a wonderful cleanse and gentle exfoliation while leaving it nourished and hydrated.


Eau Roma Water– toner based on rose water, for normal and combined skin. Lush toners are in spray dispensers, you spray it on and either leave it to absorb or using a cotton pad you spread it around. I love the toner gives a nice moisture to the skin, freshening it up. Only downside for some might be that it contains fragrance, which I don’t mind to be honest.


Full of Grace– serum in solid form (for zero waste), first time I ever used a solid form serum. I found it to heavy for the summer and autumn months, but now in winter it’s perfect. Hydrates and nourishes the skin.


Imperialis– I loved this moisturizer, used it for months. Based on St Johns Wort and Mullein leaf infusion. Hydrated my skin very nicely, without leaving a sticky or oily layer.

Celestial– this one is a lighter moisturizer compared to Imperialis, based on almond oil and dove orchid extract.


Mask of Magnaminty– one of my holly grail products, this mask is a life savior when your skin is acting up. Kaolin based contains also peppermint extract to calm and cool down the skin.

Beauty Sleep– if you read my body and hair care post you will know that I absolutely love LUSH’s Sleepy line, and this masks smells very similar. Clay based mask with a touch of lavender oil, valerian root.

Lip scrubs:

Mint Julips– mint flavored based, this is my latest addition from LUSH and I absolutely love it for the winter months gives a nice cool feeling.

Honey– sweet like honey, this lip scrub is to die for I am almost out of it and I will definitely be repurchasing.

*Whichever lip scrub you choose you won’t go wrong, they all work the same the only difference is smell and taste.

Lip balms:

Honey Trap– this is one of my favorite lip balms, a very thick and heavy yet not sticky balm, leaving the lips hydrated and soft.

Key Lime Pie– this one is lighter, and for winter months I found it not hydrating enough so I will leave it off until warmer days come.