Quarantine has definitely changed our daily lives and the routines we had. Overnight everything that we used to do on daily basis became illegal. This is a drastic change for everyone, and it takes a lot of time to get somewhat adjusted to the new situation.

The first few days weren’t hard for me, but as time passed I found myself sometimes going crazy of staying just indoors and the reduced social contact. Also, reading and watching the news all day didn’t really helped my anxiety or reduced my stress. But, what really burdened me the most was the lack of productivity I had. The first 2/3 weeks of the quarantine I literally “wasted” my days doing nothing or simply the bare minimum. Scrolling through social media, video chats with friends, binge watching and eating. Not that this is bad, it’s okay to do it from time to time as long as it doesn’t drag for too long. Two weeks ago I decided that my mini vacation of doing nothing should end and I should start a somewhat productive lifestyle again and keep to it.

To make it worse due to the current situation work has been very slow, also not being able to go out or shoot with Keti caused my motivation for content creation to completely expire, which was the reason for being a bit MIA the past few weeks. But, now I am back on track and in great productivity mode, that I decided to share with you guys some of my tips and tricks, that will hopefully get you to be more productive when it comes to working/studying from home.

1.Set a routine

What really got me back in order and out of the vacation phase was setting a daily routine. My current routine looks like this:


7 am waking up (making my bed, getting dressed, morning skincare routine)

7:30 am having my morning tea and catching up on all my social media accounts

8-9/10am catching up on all my work emails/calls

10:30 am home workout + meditation

11:30am breakfast

12am-2pm doing some fun activity at home click here to see what I usually do

2-4pm work (emails, editing photos, editing videos, planing content etc., shooting)

4pm lunch and watching some Netflix (check out my Netflix recommendations here)

5-8pm working a bit more (during this part of the day I catch up on my online courses)

8pm dinner

9pm-until bed time (watching Netflix/reading/video calls with friends/ nigh skincare routine)


2. Write a daily to do list

Each evening I write my to do list for the next day, and I put there literally everything from grocery shopping, to calling a friend, to replying to an email, do practicing Duolingo. This helps me a lot to keep track of all the tasks I have for that day, but also whenever I have the thought “Oh I am bored, what should I do?” I open my to do list and find something to do. Also I don’t know about you, but for me crossing out completed things gives me sooo much satisfaction.

3. Set work hours and set fun hours

You can either set specific hours that you will work for example from 10 am to 2 pm or just set that that day you will work for 6 hours in total. Don’t forget to set hours for some relaxation too. Tip: I found myself to be more productive for work when I don’t wear PJ’s or sweats while working, so I simply dress up, just to sit on my desk.

4. Create a good working/studying environment

Set up your home office, clean out your desk, declutter all the junk, get rid of all the excess things and create a clean environment to work in. I love to keep my work place neat and clean and not be surrounded by too many things (unless we are talking about stationary). Tip: if you can turn off your phone or set it on do not disturb while you work/study.

5. Plan out your working/studying schedule

Spread out your work/study load over the course of few days or the whole week. Plan which day you will do what, and write down your plan. I find this extremely helpful when it comes to working on deadlines, but also to be more organized and manage time better.


Hope you found this post helpful, if you have any tips on how to stay productive and motivated during quarantine, let me know!