After a month long pause of my blog I am back at writing and publishing blog posts. Since my last post which was back in March a lot has changed. I am back home in Macedonia, and we’ve been in quarantine for more than 35 days, the country is in complete lockdown and in state of emergency. All this was a bit overwhelming and scary, not going to lie. So, I took some time off the blog as well as social media to kinda do my own thing and reorganize my work and everything I had planned for the next few months.

Being an introvert, I honestly don’t mind the lockdown and staying at home (I do struggle sometime to stay productive and motivated, on which I would write a separate blog post). I do miss seeing my family and friends, and I am sad I won’t be spending Easter with  my whole family, I miss going outside without having to wear a mask and try to keep distance from people or disinfect my hands every 10 minutes, and I definitely miss traveling. But, honestly it could be much worse, for now I am grateful that all my family and friends are healthy and safe, and hopefully this will all be over soon. I came up with a list of activities and things to do while in quarantine that will fill up your day and are actually beneficial.

Organize and declutter your home

Since we have all the time in the world now, there is no excuse to keep putting off this any longer. Organize or reorganize your closet/drawers/room/apartment/home etc. while doing that you can also declutter and get rid of things that are broken/don’t use them/don’t need them. During quarantine I reorganized the whole house (multiple times may I add). From my makeup and beauty cabinet, to my closet, desk and drawers, library…

Catch up on your watch list

Who else keeps adding TV shows and movies on their Netflix list and never really watches them. Well, now is the time to catch up on it. My watch list recommendations are:

  • Movies
    • Lost in Translation
    • The Two Popes
    • The Breakfast Club
    • All the money in the world
    • We’re the Millers
    • Call me by your name
    • Molly’s Game
    • Zodiac
    • 21
    • Pulp Fiction
    • Seven Years in Tibet
    • V for Vendetta
    • The Great Gatsby
    • The Imitation Game
    • Hachiko
  • Documentaries/docuseries
    • Tiger King (the hype is WORTH IT)
    • Explained
    • Rotten
    • Forks over knives
    • Dirty Money
    • Take Your Pills
    • The Great Hack
    • Amanda Knox
    • Unabomber: In his own words
    • Conversation with a killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes
    • Fyre Festival
  • TV Shows
    • You
    • Stranger Things
    • Sex Education
    • La Casa de Papel
    • Unauthorized living
    • Dynasty
    • Gossip Girl
    • House of Cards
    • Black Mirror
    • Gilmore Girls
    • Russian Doll
    • Next in Fashion
    • Afterlife
    • Baby

Clean up your camera roll

Get rid off all the duplicate, blurry, useless screenshots and no longer wanted photos. Also great way to revisit memories.


Make a reading list and follow through (if you need some inspo you can check out some of my reading lists and book recommendations). I am currently re-reading “The Great Gatsby”. If you are not into books you can read journals, articles, researches on topics that interest you. At the beginning of quarantine I was excessively reading the news and refreshing every hour, I found this habit giving me anxiety, so now I only read the news in the morning and the evening and only from reliable sources.


I found meditation to help me a lot with my stress and anxiety this period, so I try to meditate every day 10-15 minutes. A great app for meditation I use is Headspace.

Workout at home

Perfect timing to get fit, also to stay active since we spend so much time indoors and sitting. I do yoga every morning for 20-30 minutes (I either watch YouTube videos or use the app Yoga). But, now I want to do some actual workouts (let’s see if I can actually manage since I never work out).

Back up your computer

I don’t really have to explain this much, but JUST DO IT!

Sign up for an online course

There are thousand of online courses you can do, many of which are free. Harvard currently offers online courses for free. I started a coding course, and surprisingly I enjoy it. I also signed up for a Lightroom course which will help me edit my photos better.

Try a recipe

Everyone who knows me, knows that I never cook and I don’t even know how. I mean I used my kitchen in my London apartment as extra closet storage…Shockingly during quarantine I started to cook, even bake and more shockingly I haven’t burned down the house or poised anyone and everything I made is eatable. There are so many things you can do, I girl I always open for inspo is Stefanija, and she just launched a cooking blog check it out.

Conference call your friends

Thankfully we live in an internet era, so we can be in touch with our friends and talk whenever we want to. Me and my friends love using the app Houseparty and organize our quarantine nights out.

Pamper yourself

Give yourself a nice long bath or shower, apply mask to your hair, do a body scrub, give yourself a home facial, chemical peels…so many options.

Hope you found this lis entertaining, let me know how you fill out your day in quarantine.