JULY 23, 2019 / FASHION


When it comes to movies, I am very specific. I rarely watch movies at home, except for 3 movies that I have been rewatching since I was 12, and all the new movies that come up I go to watch them in the cinema. I always loved the cinema, back in high school, I would go at least once a week to the movies. There’s nothing I enjoy more than watching a good quality movie, although I have to admit I prefer watching old movies, especially noir than the ones that come out these days.

This outfit was very much inspired by the cinema and the movie. You may have noticed that a recent trend in fashion is wearing printed t-shirts, with a band logo, cartoon character or movie poster. When browsing the Femme Luxe website, I came across this T-Shirt and had to get it. E.T. is one of the movies I have cried the most on, and it’s a movie that I love to rewatch from time to time.

So for this outfit I decided to combine this super trendy t-shirt, with a denim skirt also from Femme Luxe, and black lace up flats. Perfect outfit for the day or in my case going to the movies. You can browse the Femme Luxe website for more items as well as outfit ideas, they have some great pieces for even better prices.

Also, to note this has been one of the funnest shoots I’ve had with Simone.

Photography: Simone Kalica

Top: Femme Luxe here

Skirt: Femme Luxe here

Shoes: Asos here

Sunglasses: Dior here


*This post is in a collaboration with Femme Luxe