After a wonderful few days in Marbella, we headed to Malaga to spend the last two days of our vacation. I don’t know why, but I had it in my head that Malaga has nothing much to offer. The only things I knew about Malaga were the Picasso museum and that it has a large port. So, upon arrival I wasn’t expecting anything from this city, and I was very very wrong.Located on the coast of southern Spain, is this beautiful historical city. Malaga is one of the oldest cities in Europe, dating back 2,800 years, according to many scholars Malaga was founded  by the Phoenicians and was named Malaka. Today, Malaga is quite a popular tourist destination, a city with beautiful architecture, and artistic attractions.

Getting around:

We took a bus to Malaga from Marbella, which is around 40-45 minutes, the bus drops you off at the main bus stop in Malaga. Around Malaga we went everywhere by foot. Everything is within walking distance and close by, so there is no need for public transport or taxi.

Where to stay:


We stayed at Soho Boutique Hotel Malaga, located in the Soho are of Malaga. Lovely hotel, the rooms were very spacious and clean. What we liked the most was the location, all the sights were just 5-10 minutes away from us.

Must see’s

Castillo de Gibralfaro- located on the hill Gibralfaro, are the now ruins of the 10th century castle. You can explore the castle ruins, and enjoy a stunning view over Malaga.

Malaga old town- a maze of small cobble streets, tapas bars, restaurants, cafe’s, local shops and what not. The old town is filled with stunning architecture dating back to the 13th and 14th century, cathedrals, squares and hidden gems around every corner. The old town is the liveliest in the evening, if you are lucky you can even catch a flamenco performance.

Picasso museum- is a must, Malaga is the birth place of Picasso, this museum has the largest collection of Picasso’s work. Here you can see from his famous Cubist painting to sculptures and sketches.

Catedral de la Encarnación- A 16th century gothic cathedral, is the landmark of Malaga. A stunning architecture in the heart of Malaga’s old town.

Must do’s

Relax on one of the city beaches- Malaga has multiple beaches close by the city center. The most famous one Playa de La Malagueta. Spend a day enjoying the beach, tanning and swimming.

Enjoy the view over the town- the most beautiful view over Malaga is from Castillo de Gibralfaro, from there you can see the whole city, it’s a bit of a hike, but definitely worth it.

Stroll on the promenade- starts from the city center and goes all the way to the beaches. Perfect for an evening walk, the promenade is filled with cafe’s, bars, restaurants and shops.

Where to eat:



perfect for: breakfast

what to eat: any of their sandwiches


Casa Mira

perfect for: ice-cream

what to eat: any of their sorbets


El pimpi

perfect for: tapas and/or drinks

what to eat: meatballs in sauce and Malaga salad; also try their sangria (best sangria I’ve ever had)


Casa Lola

perfect for: tapas

what to eat: patatas bravas