Back with another skincare review of a brand. This time Clinique- an US based cosmetic brand with vast variety of products from skincare, make up, to fragrances. It’s a brand that it is world wide known. Their brand approach is that all their skincare products are paraben, phthalates, and fragrance free. Over the past few years I have been purchasing and repurchasing Clinique products, and some of them are in my holy grail skincare list. Let’s not make this intro too long and jump into reviewing.


Liquid facial soap mild– gentle cleanser for dry to combination skin. I use it as my morning face cleanser, gives it nice cleanse without drying out or stripping off the skin. Recently they changed the packaging, and I have an older version.

Take the day off make up remover for lids, lashes & lips-oil based cleanser that melts away make up, including waterproof mascara and long-stay lipstick. 


Clarifying lotion 1.0– a super gentle yet exfoliating toner, I switch between using it in morning and evening routine. Suitable for all skin types. This is already my 2nd bottle of it. I like that it’s fragrance and alcohol free. All the rest of Clinique toners are with alcohol, so if you avoid having alcohol in your toner go for this one.

Eye cream:

All about eyes– this eye cream was on my wish list for so long and I finally decided to treat myself with it. It’s a rich cream, that hydrates the under eye area nicely and slightly de puffs the eyes, however I have not noticed if it does anything for under eye circles.


Moisture surge– okay, this is probably my favorite Clinique product ever. I discovered this product by mistake. I was in Milan and forgot my moisturizer at home, so I purchased the mini version of this one and our love story began. Fast forward 2 years, I just finished my 4th jar of this moisturizer (waiting for my 5th jar to arrive). It is super lightweight yet moisturizing, doesn’t feel sticky on the skin or leaves the skin oily. I use it from April/May til September basically when the weather is warm, when I don’t want to use a more rich/heavier moisturizer. I cannot recommend this moisturizer enough.

Moisture surge intense– so the moisture surge is perfect for warm/hot days and the intense is perfect for cold weather. It’s a rich, much thicker moisturizer. However, it does not feel heavy or leave the skin greasy/oily.

Dramatically different moisturizing lotion+- this is my newest addition to my Clinique collection, I feel that it’s too heavy and thick to be used now, so I will keep it in use it for when the weather gets colder. I will update this review as soon as I have an opinion.


Moisture surge overnight mask– you can tell that the moisture surge line from Clinique is my most favorite one. I love overnight masks, I feel they do way better work than wash off and sheet mask. However, I was not very satisfied with this one. It doesn’t really make any difference to the skin, my skin looked the same as how it usually does when I put night cream.