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Saatchi Gallery

February 18, 2018

For a while now Saatchi Gallery has been on my list to dedicate a post on my blog about it. My first two attempts to visit were unsuccessful, due to private events. Today I had a third luck charm. The gallery is amongst the best galleries in the world for contemporary art. It was first opened in 1985 in an old color factory in northern London. From 2008 is relocated to its current address on Sloane Square in Chelsea. The founder is Charles Saatchi better known as the cofounder of the world famous marketing agency Saatchi & Saatchi, that devised Margaret Thatcher’s campaign against the Labour party in the 1980’s.

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All you need is LOVE

February 12, 2018

Valentine’s Day always has a different meaning to everyone. For some it means misery and a reminder that they are alone, for others unneeded pressure to find the perfect gift for their loved one. Some love the idea of going out on a fancy date and receiving and giving chocolate and flowers, and others find it simply as a cliche. For me in general Valentine’s Day is a lovely day, an excuse more to tell the people you love how much you love them.

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Get cape, wear cape

January 28, 2018

Capes have been knocking about for a few seasons now, but not everyone feels comfortable pulling the cover-up off. So whether you’re after a cape for weekdays , the weekend or your evening wardrobe, here’s how to style it up right.

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Black & White Moments

January 21, 2018

When I was taking photos for this post the streets of Bloomsbury were unusually empty. Usually for a winter morning. But, that didn’t bother me to capture this outfit. It’s may be weird that a black and white combination is such a classic mainstream, yet for me it never had a special place but, this dress from Romwe simply demands for me to go with a black and white outfit. I love it from both geometrically aspect and overall as a shape, and the fact that you can wear it on both day and night occasions.

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