I am the type of person that loves writing everything down, planning every single thing and making lists (I think I have a list for everything starting from what to buy when grocery shopping to a perfume wishlist). I consider myself to be really good at time managment and able to multitask but also juggle multiple things at the same time, and big part of that ability has been using a planner/agenda. I’ve using one since I was in middle school and that’s one habit that I do not plan on ever changing. Planning out my day/week/moth/year has helped me so much, especially when my to do list and tasks grow and when I have work, travel and what not to plan and adjust to my schedule. One thing I’ve tried multiple times and failed to do was journaling and/or having a diary. Last year I read “Atomic Habits” by James Clear (I highly recommend reading bis book if you haven’t already) and got inspired to change up my habits and lifestyle and decided as one way of tracking it to be with writing it down, which lead to me starting a bullet journal. I started it in September and 9 months later of daily using it I can say it has improved my life so much. Which is why I decided to dedicate a blog post about it.

To begin with, what is a bullet journal? – A bullet journal is an empty dot paged notebook that you design and adapt for your needs. What you usually add in a bullet journal is daily logs, habit tracker, monthly/yearly goals, mood tracker etc. 

A bullet journal is a great way to track things in a visual and organized way. It’s also a great way for you to have a creative outlet. The best part about it is that you make it and design it however you want to and add segments that you need. Not to mention that you don’t need anything else except a notebook and a pen.

What materials do you need to start bullet journaling:

Where to begin

It might seem a bit intimidating having a blank notebook and not knowing where to start or what to put in your journal. The first thing to do is write down a list of things you want to track or have in your journal. For example monthly mood tracker, place for journaling, reading list, daily to do list etc. If you need some extra ideas just google bullet journal ideas and you will have thousand of ideas to put in your bullet journal.

I decided to do my bullet journal month for month and use it mainly for tracking my mood, journaling, habit tracking and setting goals since I use a different planner for my day planning and to do list.

In my bullet journal I have set yearly goals and tracking such as:

  • Personal and work goals for the year
  • Manifastions for the year
  • Places I want to visit

And then separately for each month I have:

  • Monthly goals
  • habit tracker (each month I change up the habits, they vary from waking up early to no procrastination, to drinking 3l of water each day)
  • journaling segment (each day I journal, but with no pressure how long the log should be, there are days when I write just 2-3 sentences and days where I write a whole page)
  • tracker of books read each month and my rating of the same
  • places I visited each month
  • brands/campaigns I’ve worked on that month
  • Good things that happened to me that month

For me personally the most useful part has been the habit tracker, I found it by far the best way to break bad habits or introduce new ones and actually implement them. I have also noticed an increase of my productivity, and I find my work and goals to be more organized, and also track the progress of my yearly and monthly goals.

A big game changer has been the journaling part, I absolutely love journaling each morning it’s a great way to write down my thoughts and feelings, as I mentioned earlier I don’t pressure myself on how much I have to journal it all depends on the mood of the day.

Overall, I absolutely love bullet journaling it has helped me so much with tracking my habits, setting and tracking my goals, looking at the progress I’ve made, but it has also helped me with my anxiety and helped me relax since it’s a place where I can write down my thoughts and feelings. The best part is how customizable it is, you can create it any way you want it, you can keep it as basic as possible or make it into a little art project.


Do any of you bullet journal? If yes, tell me what you like the most about it.