Pixi Beauty is quite a popular skincare and make up brand amongst bloggers and social media. I think their iconic product that everyone has heard of is the Pixi Glow Tonic. Besides the tonic, which is definitely worth the hype, Pixi has a lot of other great skincare products. Pixi Beauty is a great start for people who are getting into skincare, they have a wide range of products for an affordable price.

I’ve been working with Pixi Beauty for more than a year now, and whenever I get something new to try I am always super excited. So over the past year or so I had the chance to try many of their products (some even were repurchased 2-3 time), so I am giving you a detailed review of every single product I’ve tried.

Hydrating Milky Make up Remover– very hydrating make up remover. Love to use it to remove make up before cleansing my face. Has no problem with removing even waterproof make up and you don’t have to rub out too hard.

Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel– has the a similar formula like the Glow Tonic, and it’s glycolic based as well. I personally did not find this product spectacular. It’s a good cleanser but nothing special, I don’t like that it doesn’t foam, I prefer foaming cleansers. Considering it is glycolic based it is pretty gentle and doesn’t strip off the skin.

Glow Tonic– this tonic is definitely worth the hype. It’s glycolic based and it is meant to give your skin great exfoliation. I’ve been using the toner for more than 2 years now, and it’s one of the skincare products that is my holy grail. At the beginning when I started using the toner I didn’t notice any drastic difference, but when I stopped using it the difference was huge. Whenever I use the Glow Tonic my skin has been glowing! I currently use the glow tonic in my PM routine. It is a great exfoliator leaves the skin smooth and radiant. Only negative thing about it would be that it contains fragrance, I personally don’t mind it.

Vitamin C Tonic– while I love the Glow Tonic, I wasn’t a bug fan of the Vitamin C Tonic. I didn’t notice any difference when I was using it, and it didn’t really help with brightening my complexion.

Glow Tonic Serum– also from the Glow range, this is a glycolic acid based serum. It is quiet a heavy and sticky serum, which I don’t like. But, it gives excellent result, especially when using it together with the Glow Tonic. I am already on my second bottle of this serum.

Vitamin-C serum– unlike the toner I really liked the serum. It has pretty good ingredients and it is reasonably priced for a vitamin C serum. Lasted me quiet a long time. Helped with brightening my complexion and getting rid of dark spots. Used to use it every other day in my AM routine.

Hydrating Milky Serum– very thick serum texture, so I would say the packaging is not the most appropriate it’s a bit of a struggle to get the serum in the pump. But this is the only negative thing about it. It’s a very hydrating serum especially now for the winter months when my skin tends to get drier. I use it 3-4 times a week in my PM routine before applying moisturizer.

Overnight Retinol Oil– very good retinol oil for beginner retinol users. It’s very gentle to the skin, so if you want to start using retinol and don’t know where to begin from, this is a great start. You apply it before moisturizer in the evening. Tip: You only apply retinol in the evening never in the morning.I’ve been using retinol for months already, so this is not a really strong retinol oil for me, I like to use stronger ones (favorite one is the Drunk Elephant Retinol).

Phenomenal Gel-this gel is meant to rebalance your skin and neutralize the pH level of your skin. There is no way for me to tell whether it returns the pH level of my skin, since I don’t have the equipment at home to measure that. I use it before moisturizer, it’s definitely not moisturizing enough to just end your skincare routine with it.

Rose Ceramide Cream– probably the best moisturizes Pixi has. This is from their rose range. It is a thick moisturizer, however it doesn’t have a heavy or thick feeling when applied. Mixes great with oils, and gives excellent hydration. I like to use this moisturizer in autumn and winter since it is a very hydrating moisturizer.

Vitamin-C Caviar Balm– this a leave on mask, based on vitamin C. It is a substitute of a moisturizer. I like to use it every know and then in my PM routine. It leaves the skin moisturizes and hydrated, nothing wow but a pretty good overnight mask.

On-the-glow stick-this is probably my least favorite Pixi Beauty product. This moisturizer stick is very in-practical, and if you ask me not very hygienic either. It’s a bit hard to apply since it is in a stick, and I found it too oily for my skin, I started to break out after using it for a week.

Hydrating Milky Peel– the milky range is probably so far my favorite range from Pixi. I love the Milky Peel, it is a very gentle exfoliator, getting rid of all the dead skin cells, dirt, sebum and what not, at the same time leaving your skin smooth and hydrated. I use it 2-3 times a week, switching it between my AM and PM routines.

T-zone Peel Off Mask– perfect for anyone with an oily T-zone like me. I absolutely love this mask, it is avocado and green tea based. It definitely helped me a lot with getting rid of my oily T-Zone. In the beginning I used it every week, now I use it 1-2 a month.

Peel & Polish– an enzyme exfoliator, I was very skeptical about this product cause you only leave it for 2 minutes, so I thought what can this possibly achieve in two minutes, but I was wrong. It does wonders, in just 2 minuted you have radiant, smooth and glowing skin not to mention it smells amazing.

Glow Mud Mask– you usually can’t go wrong with mud masks, this one is one of my favorite mud masks I’ve tried. Gives a great deep cleanse of my skin and firms and tightens up my pores.

Glow Glycolic Boost– sheet masks don’t usually have some huge or magical effect on your skin, they give however a very nice pamper feeling. And from time to time I like to put on a sheet mask in the evening as I watch Netflix. This ones are fairly good, it gives a bit of brighter complexion to the skin and nice hydration.

Detoxifeye– this eye patches apart from making you feel like a celebrity before a big day they actually do the work. My under eye area tends to get very puffy when I sleep poorly, or run on low sleep and whenever I need to look fresh I just put these on, and in 15 minutes it depuffs the under eye area and gives great hydration making your eyes look more awaken and fresh.

Glow Mist– I use this mist quite a lot. As a make up primer, setter and refresher. In the summer period I used it throughout the day whenever I wanted to freshen up my skin. Contains propolis and argan oil which give your skin a very nice luminous and dewy look. Make sure to shake it well before using it.

This is my opinion of the products based on personal experience, keep in mind that I have normal skin with an oilier T-Zone, so what works for me might not work for you.

*Some of the items were gifted to me by Pixi Beauty