Perfect Weekend Itinerary San Diego

San Diego is definitely one of my favorite places in California, and I always recommend it to everyone to go and visit it. Although smaller than LA and San Francisco, this city has a lot to offer, and a weekend in San Diego is the right amount of time to visit most of the city. In this blogpost I am sharing my weekend itinerary for a perfect weekend in San Diego. Continue reading to see the must’s sees and do’s.

Day 1:

Driving from Bakersfield to San Diego, with stops along the way in Long Beach and San Clemente. Arrived in San Diego just in time for dinner. We made reservations for Cucina urbana in Little Italy. To my surprise San Diego has amazing food and restaurant scene, there were soo many options that it was really hard to pick where to go. This Italian restaurant was amazing with lovely vibe and delicious Italian food. After dinner we went for a drive around the downtown area and the harbor before returning to the hotel.

Day 2:

Waking up early to start the day. On the second day our itinerary was Balboa Park and San Diego Zoo. Balboa park is a beautiful park home to many attractions, the famous San Diego Zoo and museums. You can check out the Botanical Gardens of San Diego, some of the museum, the Spanish Village Art Center or the zoo. We walked around the park first before heading to the zoo. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to visit any of the museums and the botanical gardens were closed that day.

San Diego Zoo is the world famous zoo. Opened since 1916 and home to more that 3 500 animals. You can book tickets online or on the spot, by booking online you skip the queue. The zoo is pretty big, you need the whole day to go through everything (wear comfy shoes because you will do a lot of walking). San Diego zoo is famous for being the first ever zoo in the world to promote a cage-less exhibits for the animals and make them feel as much as being in their natural habitats. Many of the animals in the zoo are rescue or are endangered/extinction species that are in special mating programs to preserve them. I am not a fan of zoo’s but I feel this is the most humane zoo I’ve seen and you can really tell that the animals are being taken care of properly.

After 15k steps through the zoo we headed to San Diego Old Town for dinner. The San Diego old town is a mix between western style and Mexico. Numerous souvenir shops, bars and restaurants. Very lively and vibrant vibe. After looking at rating and recommendations we decided to go to Cafe Coyote, a Mexican restaurant. The ambience is lovely, the food and margaritas delicious and the service suberb 10/10.

Day 3

Our last day was dedicated to La Jolla, part of San Diego. It was my first time there and I fell in love with it, I wouldn’t mind living there at all. Before exploring we stopped by for brunch at Cody’s, a beautiful outside terrace with a view of the ocean and delicious food. After brunch we headed down towards La Jolla Cove. In the winter months most of the beaches in La Jolla are closed for mating and pupping season of the sea lions and seals. We were lucky enough to see so many sea lions and seals with their pups swimming in the water, sleeping on the beach or tanning on the rocks it was a truly beautiful experience. From the Cove we walked to La Jolla Tide Pools (around 20 min walk) it was such a scenic walk by the shore. The tide pools were beautiful so we spent a couple of hours just sitting and enjoying the warm weather. Before sunset we headed to Sunset Cliffs to watch the sunset which was spectacular, it’s also a great place to do a picnic (note for next time).

And with this we conclude my weekend itinerary to San Diego. It’s one of my favorite places in the US and it’s a place that I don’t mind visiting often. There are so many things to do and places to see. Hope you enjoyed this blog post!