My new project: Beyond Green

November 29, 2020

If you follow me on instagram you probably have seen the news by now, but if not let me introduce you to my sustainable and eco-friendly brand

I am so happy to finally announce the project I’ve been working for for the past couple of months, and no longer keeping it a secret.

For a couple of years I wanted to start something of my own whether a project or a brand, I just couldn’t decide what should it be about. But, I knew that it must represent me, my views and beliefs and to make a positive change in society. After a lot of thinking and brainstorming I decide to start a sustainable and eco-friendly brand that will help in the battle of 21st century problems such as: too much waste, plastic everywhere, pollution, global warming, deforestation…

I am aware of the influence and “power” I have in the online community, and I wanted to use it for something good, something positive. In the past couple of years I became even more environmentally conscious. From becoming vegetarian, trying to reduce waste, avoiding to use plastic bottles, single use cups/bags/straws, recycling etc. The past year or so, I’ve been mostly in Macedonia, and I realized how big of a problem and how little people are actually sustainable and ecologically oriented. The reason is mainly to the little of options and resources for having a more sustainable lifestyle. Supermarkets here don’t sell a multi use shopping bag. And as ridiculous as it sounds it’s quiet hard to purchase a reusable shopping bag that will fit enough groceries.

That is why I decided the first product to be a multiple use shopping bag, made from 100% linen. I chose linen as one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly textiles, but also a textile which is durable and easy to take care of. The bag comes in two different designs and two different sizes. The bags are produced and designed in Macedonia.

I am very excited to start this journey, and I hope I will make a change in society because after all social change is a team effort. You can purchase your multiple use shopping bag on and for daily updates follow on Instagram.

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