The second par of the PR trip with JK travel was taking place in the northern and eastern part of Macedonia. A very fun and eventful day. Discovering this part of Macedonia with an old beetle (fun fact: beetle is my favorite car haha). Anyway let’s get into the journey.

We departed early morning from Skopje and headed towards Kuklica, near the city of Kratovo. On the way there we came across a sunflower field, so we had to stop for some photos.

Kuklica is a natural stone phenomenon, there are around 100 naturally made stone pillars. The myth behind the stone pillars is that they represent people more specifically a wedding. The ex lover of the groom was devastated that he left her and went and married another girl. On their wedding day, the girl was so furious she casted a spell that turned everyone attending the wedding into stone. A very interesting sight to see and walk around.

After Kuklica, we headed towards the village of Rankovce, on the way we made a quick stop to Rankovce artificial lake, which up until now I had no idea it existed. A very love and tranquil place, perfect for hiking, fishing and for the brave ones even swimming.

We then finally headed to our location for the afternoon -Dushland, located in the village of Rankovce. Dushanland is most famous for it’s spectacular treehouse. Here we had lunch and enjoyed the afternoon. We were all fascinated by the tree house, which is so well made and I would die to have one in my garden. We prepared lunch on stone, which was delicious and just relaxed in the garden.

After the lunch we visited a nearby farm, where we had the chance to pet some chickens, ducks and rabbits.

Our final stop for the day was the ancient observatory of Kokino, we were there to watch the sunset and it was spectacular. I will let the photos speak for themself.

With that we finished our day around northern and eastern part of Macedonia. Thank you JK Travel for the lovely tour. For all 4 days check out my latest vlog here.

Photography: Keti Talevska