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Gingerbread hot chocolate recipe

December 27, 2020

Once in a blue moon I do post a recipe post on here. The recipes are that easy that a 4 year old can do them, because lets be realistic I am no good at cooking, and have no will to be so. As a non coffee drinker, teas and hot chocolate are my go to beverages especially in the colder months. There is nothing I like more than a nice hot chocolate. I prefer to make my hot chocolate at home, hence way less sugars in it.

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Books that changed my life

November 22, 2020

There are book you enjoy reading, but once you finish them you put them back on the shelf and don’t really think about them. And then there are books that you read that change your thoughts, opinions and views and really leave an impact to you. There are a couple of books I’ve read that I can say changed my life and how I view on things, some of these books I reread them from time to time. Let’s get into the list.

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Pixi Beauty

November 1, 2020

Pixi Beauty is quite a popular skincare and make up brand amongst bloggers and social media. I think their iconic product that everyone has heard of is the Pixi Glow Tonic. Besides the tonic, which is definitely worth the hype, Pixi has a lot of other great skincare products. Pixi Beauty is a great start for people who are getting into skincare, they have a wide range of products for an affordable price.

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