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When autumn captures the park

November 20, 2016

Sunday morning and Hyde Park. Something that has to be experienced. In the early morning, in this huge oasis of green, first are the joggers that come to it, dressed in lively color with headphones in their ears, they jog their daily route. Then the whole London flows in.

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Brunch in Covent Garden

November 13, 2016

Today I am taking You in one of the most beautiful neighborhood in London. Covent Garden, in the heart of London’s West End and with a history dating back to the 17th century. It’s a unique destination, synonymous with high culture and arts that attracts more than 40 million visitors a year. But it is the world-famous Central Market building which is the one most people refer to when talking about ‘Covent Garden’ or ‘Covent Garden Market’.
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Because every picture tells a story

September 18, 2016

Today I will be talking about photography, the magic of the saved moment and a forever remembered segment of time. My passion towards this love is from long ago, in my photographic growing I had the chance to learn photography from truly inspiring and talented professional photographers.

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