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Roman Times Aqueduct

June 14, 2020

Next stop on my discovering Macedonia travel itinerary was an aqueduct built in Roman time, located very close to the city of Skopje. I had no idea this place existed until I was googling and came across photos of it. I asked around and not that many people actually knew about it, not even people who are from Skopje. So, it was definitely a gem that I had to visit.

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Season of gifting

December 10, 2019

The holiday madness has officially begun. Everything is already decorated, festive vibes are all around us, Christmas songs are playing in every store you enter, and the hunt for the perfect gifts for our loved ones has begun. I am a type of person that loves giving presents more than receiving them. I am always excited when I give someone their present and wait for their reaction. But, I am also stressed when it comes to finding the perfect present.

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Bright colors

March 26, 2019

Spring has sprung, I already packed my winter clothes and coats, and took out my spring clothes. Time to say goodbye to the dark colors and welcome the bright ones. This week I am back at home and got a chance to see and pick out a few items from Tom Tailor’s new spring collection.

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Who do you go shopping with?

April 22, 2018

Forget about the good eye of your best friend, as well as that nobody knows you better than your mother or boyfriend. City Mall in Skopje is the first shopping oasis that started a campaign for a personal shopper. But, not in direct contact, but through outfits, that on weekly basis are displayed.

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Under the skin

September 10, 2017

With great pleasure I dedicate this week’s post to someone who is very dear to me, the young and extremely talented artist Nadja Petrovic, who has crowned her talent with a diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. A fact that speaks for itself about her academically recognized artistic heights. I have known her for a while now and I know her artistic journey very well, from the Small Montmartre of Bitola, through Saint Martins College, to the famous Florence.

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