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Sophisticated gastronomic charm

January 15, 2017

Lately there has been a global trend of boutique hotels, a name suggestion on something that is about small, an intimate space, with a specific offer and interior, as well as an individual approach to each guest which makes it different from other hotels, where each guest is just a number.

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Brunch in Covent Garden

November 13, 2016

Today I am taking You in one of the most beautiful neighborhood in London. Covent Garden, in the heart of London’s West End and with a history dating back to the 17th century. It’s a unique destination, synonymous with high culture and arts that attracts more than 40 million visitors a year. But it is the world-famous Central Market building which is the one most people refer to when talking about ‘Covent Garden’ or ‘Covent Garden Market’.
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Sunday Brunch

July 31, 2016

You skipped breakfast but, it’s too early for lunch…hmm…then maybe it’s time for brunch.

What is brunch and how it was created?

You may belong to the majority who think that it is a novelty of modern time, but the truth is that brunch was established in 1895.

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