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Pine trees

October 25, 2020

Weather has been very unpredictable lately, super cold in the morning then going to super warm during midday and back to freezing. It’s still not cold enough to layer (which is my favorite thing about fall and winter), so I play around and wear still somewhat light clothes.

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Comfy Loungewear

July 26, 2020

Everyone can agree that the most worn clothing items this year are loungewear and pjs. And me, being a person that owned close to none loungewear, had to fix in my wardrobe a bit. Thankfully, I have Femme Luxefinery who have an amazing selection of lounge wear items.

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My Summer Beauty Essentials

July 1, 2020

Long time no beauty post on my blog, I do share quiet a lot of beauty and skincare reviews on my instagram, so make sure to follow me there. Anyway, as the seasons change so do my skincare, make up and beauty routines, I switch between products and add or exclude some specific ones. I decide to share with you my summer beauty essentials from make up products, skincare to hair and body. Some products I’ve recently discovered, some I’ve been using and loving them for years.

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