T is for…

May 11, 2021

Long time no blog post…not going to lie I kinda neglected blogging the past few months, but I’ve been making some changes and diversions (that keep getting prolonged, hopefully you will get to see everything really really soon), so that’s why the radio silence of the blog.

Anyway, I promise I will get back to regular blogging, because to be honest I miss doing it, and my blog is my creative outlet and diary where I document everything. But as I said there will be a lot of changes going on, and I can’t wait to share more with you.

Spring has finally arrived, although the weather is very variable going from 28 degrees to 10 degrees, from wearing sandals and shorts to taking out the coats (which I finally packed away). But, a few weeks ago my order from Femme Luxe arrived with some amazing pieces I choose for the upcoming months. Femme Luxe is the place I go to shop when it comes to loungewear and joggers, but since the last few blog posts are on loungewear and joggers I decided this post to be with a more appropriate for public outfit haha.

Since restaurants and bars are open and we finally emerge from staying at home to a somewhat normality, it’s time to spice up our closet. Today’s outfit is very much like the weather lately indecisive.

When I saw this cropped knitwear with letters T printed all over, I had to get it. For obvious reasons T-Teona, but also loved the color contrast and the fit. I paired up the knitwear with camel short and sneakers, small bag and sunnies. Perfect for a Spring stroll, when the weather is warm but not too warm.

You can visit Femme Luxe website to view all their items and collections, they have amazing pieces for very affordable prices.

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