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Zanzibar, a magical island

April 24, 2019

Africa as a whole is the continent that I want to visit and explore the most. So far I only had a chance to visit some of the northern countries in Africa. When I got invited by Jungle Travel to take part in their influencers travel up to Zanzibar, Tanzania I was so happy and excited. 7 days, 18 influencers, one can only expect a trip documented to the very detail.

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Africa, Travels


June 24, 2016

As many lives as you have, in one you must visit Morocco. If you seek adventure, exoticism and cultural contrast, if you want the best mint tea and scented cookies…One thing is certain, Morocco wont leave you indifferent. Marrakesh was my benchmark. City whose scenes are seen through the forgotten streets of Medina. Walking through is like time traveling to the medieval time. They are actual narrow mazes markets for leather, crystal, gold, silver, Moroccan cuisine, fruit and vegetables, fish and all sorts of spices.

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