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List of wishes & list of appreciations

January 1, 2017

The beginning of every year is special.

Not just of the sparkles all around us and giving each other presents that put smiles on our faces and sparkle in our eyes, especially to the children. The end of a year pours hope that the next one will be better from the previous one and that we will have new beginnings.

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Europe, Travels

Swinging Sixties Neighborhood

December 11, 2016

London is a city known for its many villages and neighborhoods, each one of them unique in its own way. In the 60’s the epicenter of London was Carnaby, a neighborhood that became known for creating brands in the fields od fashion, design, music, at that time mainstream culture that turned into an art identity of many famous chains that began their story in these exact small streets.

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North America, Travels

Bienvenidos a Miami

August 22, 2016

This glowing city will be the theme for todays blog.

I am doing a throwback from December when I traveled to Miami, and while I am writing and picking photos for this post, in my head is playing the song from Will Smith…


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Favorites candy cotton

May 25, 2016

It’s spring. Awakening of the nature and happiness. Lazy winter days are being swapped for days of enjoyment. This season comes in the right hour. One of the biggest excitements for me for this season is the search for cotton candy stands in the park. A tradition that my parents instilled since I was a little girl. It is not spring for me until I have eaten cotton candy. I love the feeling of my fingers sticking from the sugar, coloring my world in pastel colors. Every year in spring I have a photo of me with a cotton candy, I guess it’s some sort of a tradition for me, cause I am a true candy floss girl.

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