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Pastel colors are light, and light is rebirth

April 16, 2017

Peace, family, resurrection, happiness…Happy Easter to all of those who celebrate it today. Days for spending time with family, days for enjoyment. Time slips slowly without rushing. Holidays clear our minds, and rest our soul. This short break came in the right time, to get away from the intense days and go back to ourselves. Time to rethink and make personal selection. Continue Reading…


Hello Mark

April 9, 2017

One of the perks of being a blogger is getting the opportunity to be the first to try out some products and give your opinion. That was how I found out about the Mark make up line from the British company AVON.

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Bespoke Biscuits

March 26, 2017

I don’t know about you, but I have a special love towards biscuits and cookies. From the simplest ones made from butter that we dip in milk for breakfast, to the sophisticated ones, on which creativity, artistic talent and aesthetic is shown, that make you not wanting to eat them because they look like small art pieces.

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Favorites candy cotton

May 25, 2016

It’s spring. Awakening of the nature and happiness. Lazy winter days are being swapped for days of enjoyment. This season comes in the right hour. One of the biggest excitements for me for this season is the search for cotton candy stands in the park. A tradition that my parents instilled since I was a little girl. It is not spring for me until I have eaten cotton candy. I love the feeling of my fingers sticking from the sugar, coloring my world in pastel colors. Every year in spring I have a photo of me with a cotton candy, I guess it’s some sort of a tradition for me, cause I am a true candy floss girl.

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