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Reach for the stars

January 22, 2017

Even though many think that trendsetter like high heels, but reality is: they want comfortable shoes, and you can often spot them wearing sneakers, flats, and in the last few season this to two types of shoes got some serious competition when the “Elyse” shoes from the famous British designer Stella McCartney came out. The unusual design, where the wooden platform catches the eye even more with the white rubber, has its love & hate supporters  on social media.

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The Future of Fashion

January 8, 2017

I know her since I know myself.

She is the daughter of my mother’s best friend.

A couple of years older than me, for me she is a very significant person from whom I learnt what is that, that older ones find it more interesting in life. She always wanted to draw characters, read, and paint. Always had something to say about herself, through her style, way of living and her relationships with others.

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