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Pastel colors are light, and light is rebirth

April 16, 2017

Peace, family, resurrection, happiness…Happy Easter to all of those who celebrate it today. Days for spending time with family, days for enjoyment. Time slips slowly without rushing. Holidays clear our minds, and rest our soul. This short break came in the right time, to get away from the intense days and go back to ourselves. Time to rethink and make personal selection. Continue Reading…


List of wishes & list of appreciations

January 1, 2017

The beginning of every year is special.

Not just of the sparkles all around us and giving each other presents that put smiles on our faces and sparkle in our eyes, especially to the children. The end of a year pours hope that the next one will be better from the previous one and that we will have new beginnings.

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When autumn captures the park

November 20, 2016

Sunday morning and Hyde Park. Something that has to be experienced. In the early morning, in this huge oasis of green, first are the joggers that come to it, dressed in lively color with headphones in their ears, they jog their daily route. Then the whole London flows in.

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