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Simbol for friendship

August 20, 2017

People close to your heart, cozy place to meet, lots of smiles, some nice coffee and some cocktails…are the necessary ingredients for a perfect Sunday. There is just one thing that is more valuable than our time, and that is the people we spend it with.

This week’s blog post I dedicate to my small, but worth the world to me, group of friends that I have since high school and with whom, meetings like this in café bar Simbol are a true fortune.

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Shakespeare for ever

July 2, 2017

What would have theater been if it weren’t for Shakespeare.
It would have probably been some kind of theater, but without the mirror, that Shakespeare gives to the actors and the audience, to see through the eyes of the master, without which theater would make no sense.
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In the embrace of beauty

June 19, 2017

Is it a luxury to pamper yourself?

Not everyone can pamper themselves. It might look like a type of selfishness, more like a sense that we need to love ourselves the most. Because, one who is not good to himself, is not good to others as well.
What does it mean to pamper oneself?

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Sophisticated gastronomic charm

January 15, 2017

Lately there has been a global trend of boutique hotels, a name suggestion on something that is about small, an intimate space, with a specific offer and interior, as well as an individual approach to each guest which makes it different from other hotels, where each guest is just a number.

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