Purito- A Korean skincare gem

October 10, 2020

Until a few months ago I did not own a single Korean skincare product in my bathroom cabinet. Now, half of the products I have are Korean. Purito is one of the first Korean skincare brand’s I’ve tried and loved. So, this week’s post will be a review of all the Purito skincare products I’ve tried.

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Last days of summer

September 27, 2020

Summer is officially over, although we still have a few sunny and warm days left before the autumnal weather descends on us. It was a very different summer than all of us were used to (honestly, it didn’t even feel like much of a summer).

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Europe, Poland, Travels

Trip to Kraków

September 14, 2020

First time ever visiting Krakow and Poland. It was a very last minute trip, that up until we landed in Warsaw we didn’t know whether we would enter or not due to all the travel bans and restrictions because of COVID-19. Thankfully, all went well and our trip began.

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September 2, 2020

I think everyone knows that I am a fanatic for skincare and I love to ry out different skincare products and brands. However, before I put anything on my face I throughly read the ingredients of which product to know if it’s good or not and whether it will work for my skin. A brand that I have complete trust in and I am happy to say that I collaborate with is Dermalogica.

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